Do i need a coach or a mentor?

In a mentoring relationship, there is mutual interaction and an exchange of best practices between the mentor and the mentee. If you can identify your specific needs, a coach is a good idea. Coaches can help you achieve certain goals. Skills are required to be a great coach and those skills go beyond the basic functions of a manager.

In addition, the guidance of a coach and mentor can help your employees become strong leaders themselves. However, they don't offer the kind of regular interaction, action-oriented engagement, and measurable results that coaches offer. Encouraging training and mentoring is a proven step in retaining skilled and happy employees. This shapes your company culture in a significant way by turning bosses into impactful coaches for their teams.

While both mentoring and training will support your team's development, they help clarify what your organization can benefit most from before creating an internal program. The coach and the client come together at the beginning of the agreement and set goals, and agree on ways to evaluate themselves based on those goals. However, a coach can be effective and, at the same time, have a responsibility to evaluate who he is training. As highly trained professionals, coaches can teach the leadership skills needed to succeed and utilize the resources that a mentor can offer.

Depending on their relationship, objectives, expectations and evaluations, there are significant differences between coach and mentor. While it may seem like an obvious option to opt for free counseling, it's essential to see how training and mentoring work together to help employees expand their capabilities. Individuals or companies may choose to find a coach if their performance isn't up to standards or if they're going through something new and hasn't been tested. Because coaching aims to achieve certain goals, the coach is a specialist who is hired to help a person or company.

Or you may know that you need a coach now, but contact someone who is a great mentor later.