How much is the coaching industry worth in india?

Coaching industry in India The coaching industry alone contributes approximately 3.5 billion dollars, which is enormous considering that there are several types of educational institutes in the country, including schools, schools, etc. Business trainers such as Saurabh Kaushik, Vivek Bindra, Rahul Jain, Ujjwal Patni, etc. They are shaking up the business coaching industry in India and are contributing to the growth of the Indian economy thanks to its cutting-edge experience in business training together with technologies and advanced strategies. Although not regulated, the promising coaching profession has become a powerful industry of its own in recent years.

The report added that, according to a study conducted by the Pratichi Trust, created by the leading Nobel Prize economist Amartya Sen, the growing demand for private coaching is not only due to rising incomes, but also to the belief that it is “inevitable”. Even today, trainers follow the old methods of advertising, unaware of the fact that the ROI of these advertising methods is quite low. The websites of the training institutes are flooded with information and it is almost impossible to compare the institutes based on the information provided or to find the relevant information on the website. The rise of the middle class, the desire to stay at the forefront of the world economy and the fall in the quality of the conventional education system mean that exam-oriented training classes have taken over the lives of most children who go to school in India and other countries.

Adapting quickly to technology, 83% of trainers have now opted for audio and video platforms to collaborate with their clients. This has led skeptics to question the legitimacy of the coaching industry as a whole, due to this lack of regulation and the subjective nature of training in general. Innovate continuously, fill in gaps and provide a transparent flow of information between the student and the training institute. India's coaching industry has demonstrated great resilience in the face of the pandemic, even after taking an initial hit.

As a result of this switch to virtual platforms, trainers are already seeing an improvement in their financial situation. The data graphics collected during a survey conducted by the ICF to study the forecast and impact of the Covid pandemic show a significant increase in virtual training conducted through platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, Teams, etc.