Is it hard to start a coaching business?

Starting a coaching business isn't easy. Most days, you'll feel like you're drinking from a fire hose. Running a company has a huge learning curve. You have so much to learn with so little time.

Not to mention the pressure to earn enough money to pay your bills. When you work with a client, you shouldn't waste a minute of your time or energy. Its goal is to optimize every part of the process. .

Think about how you spend time on your own business in the same way. Everything you do should support your vision. Jonathan Goodman, founder of the Online Trainer Academy, the world's leading online business mentoring and training program, which has helped tens of thousands of fitness and nutrition professionals in 83 countries add a digital component to their businesses; connect with Jonathan on Facebook and Instagram First, choose a niche to speak your clients' language. Second, don't offer a month-to-month program; it requires a 12-month commitment.

Your customers aren't likely to get results right away, so if they don't commit, they're likely to stop smoking within the first month or two. After increasing the coaching portion of my business to more than seven figures in revenue with 1000 clients and 12 staff members, I learned exactly what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. First, draw up a clear framework, business plan, customer guidelines and expectations. First, attract the type of customers you love to work with.

You need an established system and process to get them to you, instead of you chasing them. Then, you need to convert your leads into customers, which is where most coaches try to do too much. You can create a million-dollar business from a conversion event. Finally, provide your advice in a way that gets your customers the best results, minimizes the time you spend so you can expand your business and create the lifestyle you want and maximize your profits.

This is how you create a coaching business that gives you more money, more impact and more freedom. Chris Dufey, founder and CEO of Coaches Cartel, a company that turned into a multi-million dollar business in one year; author of “Your First 100 Customers” and host of the podcast “The Chris Dufey Show”; connect with Chris on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Starting an online coaching business is a time-consuming process. Sure, it's extremely exciting, but it can also be very isolating.

No matter how hard you try, you can't run a business on your own. Whether you hire staff or not, it's important to establish a team that can support you from the start and encourage you along the way. And you can only do that when you train, train, train. But they're completely stuck when it comes to creating a training practice that can help them reach more people and change more lives.

If you want to be part of the 18% who have been successful in the training field, you must be prepared for any obstacle that comes your way and have the necessary mentality to face it. Type your keyword in Google and study the prices of freelancers or coaching agencies in your market on the first page of results. What I'm saying is that you should open your mind and find opportunities to train wherever you are and with whoever is with you. To help you get started faster, check out Nudge Coach co-founder Phil Beene's simple strategy manual on how to create a new training program from scratch.

Many people quit their jobs from 9 to 5 to start their own business because they want to have their own schedule and have control over their schedule. And you're very passionate about being the best coach you can be, so you can help as many people as you can. However, for a new online coaching business, it's very important to start making money as soon as possible. And you know that you'll never stop learning and growing, and you'll never stop leveling up your coaching skills.

Before you start marketing your training programs online, you need to know who to target in order to get the best results. For the next few days, consider your life and your world as one huge training platform and switch to training mode whenever you get the chance. Maybe you just need a boost of self-confidence, but if you answered no to the last question, training probably isn't the next career step for you. Take charge now and learn to master your way of thinking and to release those limitations, so that when you're in a coaching conversation with a client, do your best.

And when you encounter obstacles and challenges in your life or in your business, you can harness your inner strength to continue growing, evolving and expanding your coaching practice. .