What is the best definition of coaching?

A coach supports the professional growth and learning of an organization and its stakeholders. A coach models and facilitates best practices to achieve the desired results while providing feedback. There is a central theme in all your definitions, and you did a good job summarizing it all with your own definition. Essentially, coaching is helping someone identify and move toward realizing their own dreams and goals, regardless of how you define them.

Whether at work, on the playing field, or trying to break unwanted habits, ultimately you must want to achieve the goal. Without that desire, coaching isn't likely to be effective. Coaching helps people to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and to decide the course of action that best suits their goals. It is a process that involves focused conversations to create an environment conducive to individual growth, decisive action and sustained improvement.

While this phrase may at first glance seem self-explanatory, the wide range of definitions can only be a challenge for a coach who wants to offer “a good practical definition”. I think these summarize the power and quality of training better than the dictionary definition of training. As the above definitions suggest, this definition also confirms that coaching is about producing results, achieving goals, and setting higher standards for success in life. In this definition of training, you'll notice that, once again, it's not about giving instructions or advice, but it's really about discovering yourself.

The best definition of coach in the world of sports comes from Timothy Galway, the author of Inner Game of Tennis. The most important thing that can be gained from the ICF definition of coaching is the act of collaborating with your client in a creative and thought-provoking process, which means being able to make your clients reflect or reflect deeply on their situation, resulting in them enthusiastically implementing appropriate measures to achieve the desired results. In this post, I'll help you clarify your understanding of what coaching is by giving you some popular definitions that simplify this somewhat complicated concept. By this definition, coaches don't just fulfill what their clients say are their goals; the job of a coach is to help their clients clarify and define their goals to ensure that they are on a path with purpose and meaning for themselves.

A better definition of coaching for managers comes from John Whitmore, the author of Coaching for Performance.